Saturday, September 26, 2009

Teaching Seminar

Today at church, we had a teacher training seminar with Kerby Richmon as the speaker. He is the director of Master Ministries (Master Clubs). The sessions were very challenging. I have lots of new ideas and improvements to make in my Children's Church class. I received plenty of information to keep me busy for awhile. If you are interested in getting the sessions on cd, you can email me and I will see about ordering them for you.

I thought I would share a few challenging quotes, but will try to share more in detail over the next several weeks.

"We must teach more than facts, it must be applied to the life of the student."

"As a teacher, you are to shepherd your class."

"Your lesson is only as good as they understand."

"Never underestimate the potential of a child."

"As a teacher, when you have stopped learning, you are done."

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