Wednesday, September 23, 2009

10 Commands for Effective Communication

1. Thou shalt simplify.

2. Thou shalt listen.

3. Thou shalt remember.

4. Thou shalt speak unto others as thou wouldst have others speak unto thee.

5. Thou shalt clarify hard-to-understand Bible terminology.

6. Thou shalt use stories and illustrations.

7. Thou shalt keep a sense of humor.

8. Thou shalt practice what thou preachest.

9. Thou shalt be creative.

10. Thou shalt have patience.

Taken from Accent Bible Curriculum, Spring 2009

I think everyone should be constantly striving to become a better communicator. Those who fail to communicate effectively are those who fail to evaluate themselves and seek improvement. Some of the best teachers I have had were those who were always looking for ways to improve.

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