Sunday, December 13, 2009

Missions Board

Every couple months in Children's Church I pick a country for the kids to learn about. We pray for the missionaries from that country that our church supports and write letters to them. I have been teaching the kids how to pray for missionaries.

It is awesome to listen to the kids pray for the missionaries. I wish that the missionaries could hear them pray. There is nothing like the simple faith of a child.  I usually have a volunteer each week come up and pray for the missionary. When I forget to do this the kids remind me. If I have the kids pray at other times during class they always pray for the missionary even when I haven't mentioned it.  It is neat to see them get excited and involved.

December/January Bulletin Board

This one is rather simple, but it does the job. I am planing to add snowflakes...I have some I bought, just need to find them...

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Pin Cushion Project

Check out this cute pin cushion project at "Blessed Femina"
It looks super easier and a great way to use fabric scraps.


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