Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Easter Object Lesson

 Here is an idea from The Children's Church Treasure Chest  (used by permission). Go to their website to sign up for their free monthly newsletter from which this article was taken. Their website is packed full of great ideas as well.

Easter is upon us, and hopefully you have some great things planned to celebrate Jesus' resurrection in children's church! 

Our church has held a candy hunt for the children on Easter Sunday for as long as I can remember and beyond. However, this year we decided to do something different after we heard a great object lesson idea involving... a pinata! 

Every Sunday in children's church we have some type of fun opener game to kick off our service. Next Sunday (Easter), we are going to let the kids all have a whack at a pinata that is stuffed FULL of candy. Our church members, true to tradition, have already been donating candy; so we have lots and lots. 

If the kids don't manage to break the pinata after they all have a turn, my husband will do the honors and release the contents. We'll allow them to gather the candy into gallon-size ziploc bags, on which we'll write their names with a Sharpie marker. They will have to place their candy bags under their chairs along with their other belongings when we have our inspection following the pinata activity. 

After we sing a few songs and get the other preliminary items on the schedule out of the way, we will use the pinata as an object lesson to illustrate what was done for and by Jesus on Calvary's cross:
  • Jesus' body was bruised and broken at Calvary for our benefit. Each one of us had a part in his death, just like each of us took a whack at that pinata at the beginning of children's church.  

  • The candy that poured out of the pinata reminds us of Jesus' blood that He shed so freely for each one of us. His blood cleanses us from sin and makes us fit for Heaven. 

  • When the pinata broke, some of you rushed forward to gather the goodies that came out. Others stayed back a bit because you were shy, or because you didn't want to get in among the others, or maybe even because you thought the whole thing was silly and you didn't want to participate. Likewise, some people receive Jesus' gift of eternal life without hesitation. Others choose not to at all, and some just have not yet made up their minds whether they want to accept Him or not. 

  • Some of you that rushed forward and grabbed up lots and lots of candy were nice enough to share with others who didn't come forward and receive some for themselves. Jesus wants you to likewise share the Gospel with others! He died and arose for everyone, and it is not His desire that anyone should perish. It is our job to share the Good News of Christ. What a great illustration of Jesus' gift to us: a simple pinata! I hope that you will do something special for Easter Sunday as well.

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  1. Great idea! Thanks for sharing. I plan on using it in my Sunday school class.


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