Thursday, March 18, 2010

Easter Craft - Resurrection Eggs


  1. Hi there. This is Rebecca from the Renaissance blog, getting back to you about your comment on my math games. I would be delighted to be featured here-I always am as there is a link back to my blog and credit is given where credit is due (ask me how I know this! hehe). Thank you for asking!

    That redhead of yours is just precious!

  2. I am so glad you did a post on the Resurrection eggs. One of the reasons I usually don't get into the Easter holiday is because everyone is so into the Easter bunny, the eggs, etc. and the Resurrection kind of takes a side burner, which makes me really sad. I rebel and haven't owned "Easter decorations" until this Egg Week started. So thanks.
    SPeaking of, of course you can feature whatever you want, whenever you want. Just link up!


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