Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Teaching for Life Change


        Many teachers approach their class as teaching lessons rather than teaching students.  The pitfall of this is that it focuses on covering content rather than meeting the needs of individuals.  It is important for the teacher to get to know and understand his students.  The teacher should know the common characteristics of the age group he is teaching.  Moreover, the teacher needs to know each of his students on a personal level.  If the teacher’s goal is life-change, then he must know where his students are coming from and what direction they should be moving in.

         A creative Bible teacher will seek to teach in ways that promote life change.  If he merely teaches the Bible as content, he is implying that to know God and to know about God are the same thing.  Learning must be brought to where it has meaning to the student’s life and experience.  The teacher must use a vocabulary that the students understand.  When teaching unfamiliar terms or concepts, the teacher should carefully explain and illustrate to give meaningful understanding.  The closer an idea or concept is linked to something with which the student is already familiar, the more meaningful it will be.  A creative teacher will have his students take part in exploring the meaning of a passage.  When a student personally thinks through how Biblical truths may be applied, he will be more likely to respond on a personal level.

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