Thursday, February 4, 2010

From my bookshelf...

The Children of the King 
by Max Lucado
Illustrated by Toni Goffe

One of my favorite modern-day Christian children's authors is Max Lucado. I love how he takes a biblical principle and turns it into a delightful story for both the young and the old.  

The Children of the King is the story of a king who decides to adopt a family of orphan children. The king sends word that he is going to come for them. When they hear of his coming, the orphans all feel the need in someway to impress the king. All of the children possess a special talent with the exception of the youngest girl. 

All the children busy themselves with preparing for the king's arrival, while the smallest girl with no gift just waits. Finally the king arrives appearing as a poor traveler. The children do not realize who is and are too busy preparing their gifts to take notice of this stranger. The littlest girl with no gift, however, is not too busy to help this stranger. She helps him water his donkey and spends time talking to him. The king tells her who is and takes her home to live with him. While the rest of the children are left behind busying themselves preparing their "gifts."

This story shows how Christians are often so busy serving the Lord that they neglect what is most important of all. More than anything the Lord wants our fellowship and our hearts rather than our empty acts of service. To the lost child, this story shows that their is nothing they can do to earn their way to heaven. One is only saved by having a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus.

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